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Tolhuijs Vloerlamp Spool WIT

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Industrial copper floor lamp Tolhuijs Design

Spool Floor White Deluxe by Tolhuijs Design is an industrial copper floor lamp that consists of a white coil. The sustainable floor lamp is made of recycled material. For example, the coil was once part of a welding machine. When the welder uses up the welding wire, the spool ends up in the waste. Tolhuijs Design uses this waste and gives it a second life as an industrial floor lamp. The design lamp looks great on the floor, but can also be used as a table lamp.

This product will be shipped free of charge!
Aware: Tolhuijs sends the packages once a week, so a car drives around for them only once a week.

Verzending: 1-3 werkdagen

Tolhuijs Design

Amsterdamse ontwerper Bastiaan Tolhuijs maakt van afval designproducten in samenwerking met mensen van sociale werkplaats Pantar en gedetineerden.

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The floor lamp SPOOL white is equipped with colored SKINS, available in 5 colours.
There is also a SPOOL Deluxe available, where the lamp is provided with a layer of welding wire.

1 x SKIN (color of your choice)
1 x fitting
1 x ring
1 x plug
1 x 2.5m electrical wire with switch
Choice of LED lamp, light bulb, or no lamp

Use: indoors, keep away from moisture. Wire can be shortened.

Dimensions: Ø 30 cm
lamp width: 10 cm
wire length: 2.5 meters
weight: 1 kg.

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